Nadine Nassib Njeim responds to May Al-Aidan regarding her role in Zahra Salon – in the picture


hung theFlagsKuwaiti yehMay Al-AidanWho seems to be following a seriesflower salonStarring the Lebanese actressNadine Nassib NjeimAnd the Syrian actorMutasem Al-NaharOn some details of one of his episodes, I published a composite picture of Nadine and commented on it: “Whoever hears you says your daughter has missed the history book now.”
If 23 and 29 are forgetful, and if we combine them together… Blindness is a child’s dimension and worn out.”
Nadine responded with a comment: “Medical, and by God, she is right, even if we gather them in a childish dimension.”
As for the Kuwaiti media,happy dawnShe commented on the post of her colleague, Mai Al-Aidan, and wrote: “Hmmmm, you are not famous for the borders, and there are more people who are in the dark…. God suffices for the evil eyes of his creation.”


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