NASA is preparing to reach a “golden asteroid” if he visits us to make everyone a billionaire


NASA is preparing to reach


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NASA is looking to visit a nearby asteroid that contains enough gold to make everyone on Earth a billionaire, in an effort to determine their origins.

The US space agency plans to launch a mission to Psyche 16 in 2022 to explore the origins of the solar system.

Psyche was discovered in the late nineteenth century, is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and is formed of solid metal.

In addition to the gold, the colossal object is believed to be loaded with piles of platinum, iron and nickel.

In total, Psyche’s various minerals are estimated to be worth 10,000 quadrillion (one million billion) dollars.

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This means that if he is “tempted” to visit the land, it will destroy commodity prices and cause the global economy to collapse, worth £59.5 trillion.

A veteran miner recently noted that Psyche 16 is capable of wreaking havoc on Earth.

Scott Moore, president of EuroSun Mining, said the massive amount of gold in the asteroid threatens to wreak havoc in the gold industry.

NASA will launch a mission to explore the asteroid in August 2022. It is called the Exploration Mission, and it will reach Psyche 16 around 2026. The US space agency is conducting this flight for scientific purposes and does not plan to conduct any mining.

Over the course of 21 months in orbit, the spacecraft will map and study the properties of Psyche 16 using a multispectral imager, gamma-neutron spectrometer, magnetometer, and radio (to measure gravity). The mission aims, among other things. , to determine if Psyche is indeed the core of a planet-sized object.”

NASA believes 16 Psyche is a survivor of violent interplanetary collisions that were common when the solar system was forming.

This means that it can tell us how the core of the Earth and the cores of other “terrestrial” planets formed.

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