Oh baby dolphin: Boss and hugs descended in Madeleine rain in the water.. I watch


Today, Saturday, the twenty-eighth of August, the Lebanese artist and singer impressed thousands of her fans and followers through social media and social networking sites, after publishing a new set of photos of her during her summer vacation.

Madeleine Matar dazzles in the pool with dolphins

Where the Lebanese artist and singer, Madeleine Matar, published a set of photos through her personal and official page on the social networking site, exchanging photos and short videos on Instagram, and the artist, Madeleine Matar, appeared during her summer vacation and seemed very happy while she was inside one of the swimming pools, and she petted, kissed and played with a dolphin. In the water.

The artist, Madeleine Matar, commented on the photos she published, saying: “Halawa ❤️! The world needs sweetness! He needs a sweet baby, a sweet dolphin, some sweet creatures; Needs good people to soften hard hearts! Have a wonderful day, lovers.”

It is worth noting that the Lebanese singer and actress Madeleine Matar has released her new clip, “Take Care of Your Heart”, on YouTube.


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