On this day in space, the X-15 missile plane sets an altitude record


In the history of space, there are many important events, including what happened on this day August 22, 1963, when US Air Force Captain Joe Walker flew an Air Force One rocket plane. X-15 Higher than any pilot who has ever flown, Walker reached an altitude of more than 67 miles (108 kilometers).

According to the website,spaceThe American, this distance was about 5 miles or 8 kilometers above the edge of space, where Walker tested weightlessness for five minutes over the course of the flight that lasted 11 minutes, and this was the second and final suborbital space flight of the program X-15.

Walker led both flights and became the first person to go to space twice, and on both flights, he flew in a space plane. X-15 # 3, which also became the first reused spacecraft to return to space.

It is worth noting that this achievement about half a century ago was an unprecedented victory at the time, and began the history of reused vehicles in space, which Elon Musk completes through his reusable rocket group and other private space companies that have taken the same direction.


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