Peanuts can induce malignant tumor metastases


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Peanuts can induce malignant tumor metastases

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Scientists from the University of Liverpool, Britain, have discovered a chemical mechanism that can lead to the spread of cancer in the body as a result of excessive consumption of peanuts.

The researchers published the results of their study in the journal Carcinogenesis, confirming the validity of their unexpected conclusions. However, the study showed that a large “dose” of peanuts causes a chemical reaction in the blood, which is undesirable for people with cancer.

The new study describes the role that peanut agglutinins (PNA) play in promoting the production of cytokines (small molecules) by cells in the endothelium of blood vessels. The talk is about the cytokines interleukin-6 (IL-6) and MCP-1, which stimulate the spread of metastases. The increased production of these cytokines stimulates other cells in the endothelium to produce more protein molecules that cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream can “stick” to.

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It is reported that the same researchers, in a previous study, demonstrated that peanut stacks in the same way affect the proteins on the surface of cancer cells, making them more “sticky”, that is, making them more capable of sticking to the inner surface of the walls of blood vessels. This process allows cancer cells to aggregate and form a more viable “clump” of individual cells.

It should be noted, that researchers are in no hurry to confirm that peanuts stimulate the emergence of new cancerous foci in the body. Because many comprehensive studies conducted in the United States did not reveal a clear effect of peanuts on death due to cancer.

The results of other studies in which healthy people who ate 250 grams of peanuts showed that PNA remains in their blood for only one hour. This may indicate that eating a limited amount of peanuts does not affect the level of PNA in the blood, and will not cause any harm

But according to Professor Lu Gangyu from the University of Liverpool, ‘Nevertheless there is a possibility, a relatively large amount of PNA circulates in the blood, shortly after eating a large amount of peanuts. These can have dangerous biological effects on the cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream at this time, increasing the risk of the cancer spreading. Therefore, it is better for cancer patients to refrain from eating excessively peanuts, or to eat them on a regular basis.”

These results are likely to include all peanut-based products. Therefore, researchers should conduct an epidemiological study, to determine the effect of excessive consumption of peanuts on the survival of cancer patients.

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