Producer of “Nagy Atallah Band”: Adel Imam received a wage of 30 million pounds in the series


Producer Safwat Ghattas rejected the idea of ​​what he said about the artists receiving large wages and that they do not deserve them, adding that there is no such thing as that the wage is too much for the star, because he returns the money you give him, and if there is a star who will not return the money he received by selling the series that he contracted, he will not It basically comes with it.

Ghattas revealed, during television statements, that when he went and contracted with leader Adel Imam to star in the series “Naji Atallah Band” with a great wage, he was surprised by that, explaining: “I spent with Adel Imam 30 million days during the time when Yahya Al-Fakharani and Nour Al-Sharif were the highest paid, as They only paid 8 million pounds.

Ghattas continued, “I know what to do. After 4 days of contracting with Adel Imam on the “Najy Atallah Band” and I traveled abroad and contracted the series, the cost of the series was sold, but before I filmed, the star will pay you his money, but there are times when an actor appeared in his brain to provide No one will pay him if you don’t pay the money he provided.”

It is noteworthy that the series “Najy Atallah Band” was shown in the month of Ramadan of 2012, and recorded the appearance of the leader Adel Imam for the first time in the television drama after an absence of 32 years since his presentation of his series “Tears in Rude Eyes” in 1980, after which he continued to be present in the drama in a way Annual and presented several series after “Najy Atallah Band”.

Nagy Atallah Ensemble, written by Youssef Maati, directed by Ramy Imam, and starring Adel Imam, Anushka, Mohamed Imam, Ahmed El Saadany, Nidal El Shafei, Amr Ramzy, Ahmed El Tohamy, Mahmoud El Bazawy, Sana Youssef, Ahmed Abdel Wareth, Yasser Ali Maher, Ahmed Diab, Boutros Ghaly. Maher Essam, Ahmed Halawa, Olfat Sukkar and a number of Arab artists.

Nagy Atallah Troupe (3)
Nagy Atallah band

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Nagy Atallah band

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