Professor of Internal Medicine: All corona vaccines are safe, effective, and suitable for diabetics


Dr. Mohamed Khattab, professor of internal medicine and diabetes at Qasr Al-Ainy Medicine, revealed, in an exclusive statement to “The Seventh Day,” that a diabetic can take any available vaccine for the Corona virus, explaining that any vaccine for the Corona virus is safe and effective, and all vaccines available in Egypt are safe and effective for a diabetic.

He advises diabetics to follow all precautionary measures more than any other patient, and not to underestimate the virus, noting the need to adhere to social distancing, wearing masks, and not unjustified mixing, and they can practice their normal lives with great care, and caution because the Corona virus is still present, and despite not rising Injuries in Egypt, but the danger still exists.

He pointed out that the diabetic patient is more susceptible to infection, and more likely to die from the virus and complications when entering the hospital more, and this is according to studies and research that prove this.

He stressed that 10% of Egyptians suffer from diabetes, according to the statistics of the 100 million health survey, stressing that the presidential initiative 100 million health has saved millions of lives as a result of the discovery and treatment of the C virus and diabetes, and I am happy with this initiative, because diabetes has no symptoms.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Johnson & Johnson vaccine

He explained, that care must be taken to control the level of sugar in the blood, adding, that a controlled diabetic patient does not have complications, and his treatment is easier when suffering from any disease, and according to research, if he enters the hospital with a heart attack, his sugar number determines his future patients, the more The number controlled complications were lower.

He said that diabetes is one of the most dangerous chronic diseases that affect the Egyptian patient because of its ability to damage body parts, which leads to the patient’s infection with many chronic and acute diseases. and that a large proportion of Diabetics They suffer from complications of the retina, and serious problems in the foot, which may lead to amputations, strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease, to heart muscle failure, which is one of the most unnoticed complications of type 2 diabetes, especially in the early stages, and on the side On the other hand, diabetes can lead to serious complications such as hyperglycemia (HHS)This condition is often a result of exposure to severe dehydration and high blood sugar.

It is noteworthy that the delay in the therapeutic intensification is one of the problems facing patients with type 2 diabetes in Egypt and the world, which increases the frequency of complications of type 2 diabetes.


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