Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s daughter wears her mother’s dress.. This is how Ayten Amer and Fifi Abdo commented


I rememberedPrincess Mukhtar​, the daughter of the late Egyptian actress ​Rajaa Al-Jeddawi​, Her mother in a dress of her own, in which she appeared in a photo that she published on Raja’s page on the social networking site.
And a princess appeared in the picture in a green dress for the late, and next to her appears her mother when she wore it previously. The post impressed the followers, expressing their longing for Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and their sadness over her passing.
The Egyptian actress commentedAyten Amer​: “I will give you a long life.” As for the Egyptian actressFifi AbdoShe wrote: “May God have mercy on her in heaven and her bliss, God willing, O Lord.”
It is worth noting that Rajaa Al-Jeddawi left our world on July 5, 2020, after contracting a diseaseCorona Virus​.


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