Right buy | a decline in the prices of fish and shrimp today in the market


The prices of fish and seafood witnessed a decline in the Obour market, compared to the prices of yesterday, Saturday, with the decline in the price of tilapia, pasta and Souissi, and “Al-Mustaqbal” offers the average fish prices today, Sunday, August 15, 2021, in the Obour market, which varied between mackerel, shrimp, and squid. , fillet fish, and mullet fish, and came as follows:

Fish prices in the market:

The price of Swiss pasta fell to 60-75 pounds.

The price of a kilo of squid ranges between 110-170 pounds.

The price of grouper fish 80-100 pounds.

And the price of the crab was fixed at 30-130 pounds per kilo.

The price of mullet fish was 60-70 pounds in the market.

The price of frozen fish has stabilized between 20-30 pounds per kilo.


And the price of the white peel fell 60-90 pounds.

A kilo of frozen mackerel scored 25-35 pounds.

The price of a kilo of tilapia decreased at 21-23 pounds.

While the price of fish mousy 90-130 pounds.

The price of a kilo of shrimp ranged between 90-180 pounds.

The price of a kilo of Aswan tilapia is 17-37 pounds.

The price of tilapia fillet reached 30-110 per kilo.

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