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Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia announced that the study will be in attendance for the intermediate and secondary stages for those who received two doses of the vaccine.

And the ministry’s spokesman added, in a tweet on Twitter, that “the primary stage and kindergartens; their attendance will be linked to reaching the required societal immunity (70%) of the Kingdom’s population in two doses, or on 10/30/2021, whichever comes first.”

The ministries of education and health in Saudi Arabia had stipulated that all students and education staff aged 12 and over receive two doses of the Corona vaccine for a safe return before the start of the school year 1443 AH.

She stressed that all students over the age of 12, and those working in the education sector, must fully receive vaccines against the emerging corona virus, for a “safe return” before the start of the new school year, at the end of August.

The two ministries also said in a joint statement that the latest tightening comes “in preparation for the return of attendance for the next academic year, and in order to preserve the safety of the educational community.”

While the Ministry of Health pledged that it will provide vaccines as well as appointments for male and female students covered by the decision, as well as educational, training and administrative cadres before the start of the new school year.

In May, the Ministry of Education confirmed that it had approved – after its agreement with the Ministry of Health – the plan for the return of education, which includes four basic points, to ensure the continuation of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of public safety in light of the Corona pandemic.

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