“So that we will not repeat the suffering” .. Why did “Hagar” resort to the College of Engineering?


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Saturday 21 August 2021

Books – Muhammad Zakaria:

In front of a computer, Hajar Hassan, with her mother next to her, was assisted by a Cairo University employee, in registering her desires to enroll in the college, inside one of the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering.

The mother docked at the laboratories of the Ministry of Education, to record the “desires” of her youngest daughter, so as not to repeat the mistake that the family made with her eldest daughter, 3 years ago.

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This morning, Saturday morning, the work of the first phase of coordinating admission to universities and institutes was launched for high school students who succeeded in the secondary exams (first round) for this year 2021, with a minimum of 88.4% for the Scientific Division, 80% for the Sports Division, and 65% for the Literary Division, and it lasts for five days. Until next Wednesday.

The registration of students wishes is via the electronic link to the coordination website on the Internet.Press here24 hours a day.

Three years ago, Hajar’s mother was on a date with her eldest daughter entering college. And when her high school result appeared, her daughter had to help her fill out the wishes on the coordination website, so the family resorted to “Cyber” to complete this, but an error in recording the data pushed her eldest daughter to one of the provincial colleges, which she did not want from the beginning and was not able to move from it yet That is to one of the colleges in Cairo, so that her daughter will live with constant suffering related to travel and what it will cost financially for that, until her graduation date next year.

In order for students not to make such mistakes, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has set requirements that take into account the order of desires according to the sectors of specialization allowed for the student’s division or universities, and according to the student’s desire to enroll in the college or institute he wants to join, as well as according to the gradual geographical distribution lists, which It was created to reduce the phenomenon of student alienation.

The ministry said that the student must choose the colleges in the first geographical range, before choosing in the next geographical range, and the student can move between one major and another, provided that the conditions described above are met.

In order to abide by this, and not to repeat the mistake that the family had made before, Hajar’s mother resorted to the laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University to register the wishes, and she was keen to have an employee accompany her in this step by step.

Inside the laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering, which Hajar sat near its door, Abdel Hamid Hassan was supervising the process of registering students desires. The man was assigned to supervise the 4 laboratories of the desires entry in the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University.

At about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, three of the four laboratories designated in the College of Engineering to register students for their wishes were empty of any students.

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Calm has prevailed since the beginning of the day, but the situation has become calmer with the students flocking to one lab, which contains between 25 to 30 machines, while the supervisor expects the turnout to increase in the coming days, given the students preoccupation on the first day with bringing a “statement of success.”

Hassan explains to “Masrawy” the steps that the student must follow to complete the registration of their desires: “The student comes with a certificate of success in high school, and then arranges the colleges he wants, up to a maximum of 75 colleges, and takes into account those requirements set by the Ministry of Education according to the permitted specialization sectors. for the student’s division and the hierarchical geographical distribution lists.

Most of the questions that were asked to the “Supervisor of the Desire Entry Lab at Cairo Engineering” were about how to write the wishes correctly, and the government employee’s answer was to take into account the student’s desire in the first place, taking into account what is related to his division and what the geographical scope of the student imposes.

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70 percent is the percentage that Hajar obtained in high school. She had hoped and intended to enroll in the College of Al-Alsun as a first desire, but it was not available to all of her, so she started with the College of Archeology and then Arts, and is waiting for what the coordination office will decide on it.

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