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The film was a confusingly disappointing one, garnering only a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cinema is not just an artistic medium for entertainment and pleasure, but since its inception it has become an important political and social tool, used for many purposes and to transmit messages, whether directly or indirectly. Many films have caused diplomatic problems, and they are prohibited from being shown for these purposes in some countries.

Recently, the controversial movie “The Misfits” was shown, but it is only a political controversy, because technically or commercially it is nothing more than a major failure, and it did not achieve Revenues Only one million and 240 thousand dollars, most of which came from Russia and the UAE, out of budget It was estimated at $15 million.


“The Misfits” is classified as an American-Emirati heist film, produced in 2021 and directed by Renee Harlin, and written by Robert Heaney and Kurt Wimer. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Rami Jaber, Hermione Corfield, Jimmy Chung, Mike DeAngelo, Tim Roth and Nick Cannon.

It was shown for the first time in South Korea in 2021 on the third of June, then it was released in the United States on the 11th of the same month, and then the UAE starting from July.

The events of the film revolve around the Middle East, about the thief Richard Pace, who is highly skilled in the crimes of elaborate theft, as well as in escaping from prisons, and he begins to work by escaping from prison, and executing it with skill, then discovers that that mission was a trap to meet a group of thieves to plan a big operation coming.

A group of eccentrics or Misfits 4 of thieves with certain principles that make them steal from the rich to help the poor in a classic Robin Hood story, but their next mission is to steal gold belonging to a terrorist group, hidden in a prison that only Old Bess can break into.

The film was supposed to be filmed in Puerto Rico, according to the statements of one of its representatives (Jaber), and then as a result of the country being hit by a hurricane, filming was postponed and then moved to the Emirates, where the film was rewritten to fit the new shooting location.

In addition to the location of the filming, the Emirati company Film Gate Production participated in the production, which caused a lot of controversy after the film was shown, as the State of Qatar was referred to as “Islandia” and its citizens were accused of supporting terrorist organizations, and the work referred to institutions Qatari nationalism in its names, and the portrayal of figures such as Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi as a sponsor of terrorism, while promoting the UAE as an oasis of Arab democracy.

Expectations are shattered

The film was promoted to suggest a different artistic production, which caused expectations to rise greatly. The director of the work (Harlin) presented during the nineties in particular a group of famous action films such as “Die Hard 2” with Bruce Willis, And he achieved great success, and the hero of this controversial work (Brosnan) is considered one of the most important action actors of his generation, especially his four films in the “James Bond” series.

The film disappointed expectations, with a rating of 19% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 16 reviews, and a rating of 27 out of 100 on Metacritic based on only 8 reviews. Most of these reviews were very negative.

The film’s story is very similar to the “Ocean’s” trilogy starring George Clooney, as both films center around the gathering of a team of criminals, under the leadership of the most intelligent and capable of planning, to carry out a very complex heist, often in another country.

But here the execution is completely different, as the film carried a great thinness in the script, which made it just a satirical version of the American robbery films, in addition to the weakness of the action scenes and the naivety of the criminal plan that is suitable for a comedy and not an action movie.

Acting did not add to the technical failures on both sides of the script and directing, but a new failure, especially with the poor writing of the characters and their dialogues, as even the usual comedic side was very poor and mediocre.

In addition, the film presented a very stereotypical image of the Middle East that has been circulating for years in the West, where the Arab countries are desert and sandy places, elegant women in luxurious clothes, half-veiled in luxury hotels, in addition to many of the usual “cliches”, and it was expected from a movie that entered the production of a country Arabic to elevate the content and present an image that is closer to the truth, and not merely to satisfy Western romantic fantasies about the East.


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