The artist, Bushra, was infected with the Corona virus… and her husband asked for prayers


Businessman Salem Heikal announced that his wife, artist Bushra, was infected with the Corona virus, as he published a picture of him and his wife, Bushra, on his account on the “Facebook” website, and wrote: “Praise be to God for everything … what affects us only what God has written for us … May God keep you safe from The damned disease of Corona… and I pray for her a speedy recovery… Keep your mind from the fourth wave.”

Yashra's husband announces that she has been infected with Corona
Yashras husband announces that she has been infected with Corona

Bushra has recently finished recording her latest lyrical work, “Afrah”, and is preparing to release it on YouTube, after filming it as a video clip.

Bushra is also busy filming her new movie “His Excellency Mama”, which she recently started shooting, and in which she discusses an important social issue, which is the mother’s relationship with her children, especially when she has responsibilities at work. Attitudes during the events, and whether they are in the interest of the family or not“.


The movie “His Excellency Mama” starring Bushra, Mahmoud El-Leithi, Shaima Seif, Sami Maghawry, Alaa Morsi, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Hossam Dagher, Sherif Baher, Ismail Sharaf, Doaa Ragab, Nour Ihab, Sully, and the child Yassin, son of the late artist Ghinwa, sister of Angham, Written by Loay El Sayed and directed by Ahmed Nour.


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