The bread child in Egypt tells his story .. “I work for my family, and there is no time for fun.”


The Egyptian child who circulated the pioneers of networking sites revealed A video of him riding his bike carrying wooden boards full of bread. To bypass the traffic in the opposite direction of the cars gracefully and daringly, the pedestrians were caught with the details of the video, and its story, and why is he riding his bike so fast without fear despite the danger of it?

Mahmoud said in an interview with “Al” that he is 15 years old and has not attended any school due to his circumstances, and has worked for 5 years in a bakery owned by his uncle in the central Cairo area to help his uncle and provide money to spend on himself.

He also added that he distributes bread to restaurants and establishments that his uncle’s bakery provides for their needs, and he needs to deliver them to them at the specified times, so he used to ride his bike and move with it carrying large quantities of bread throughout the day and from dawn to sunset, so that his uncle does not lose his customers, He pointed out that he did not pay attention during one of his work trips to the presence of those who follow him and film him until he was surprised by the video circulating on the communication sites.

University dream .. and study

He said that he used to ride his bike at this speed despite carrying large quantities of bread without fear of falling or hitting pedestrians or cars crowding the street, adding that he became accustomed to that and acquired this skill as a result of his work all day for 5 years.

The young child also admits that he does not have time for fun, and does not have friends, as his work takes most of his time, adding that he wished to attend university.

The photographer, Taha Obeid, had posted the video on his page on the communication sites and won great admiration, as the video revealed the child’s skill and supernatural abilities.

The pioneers of the communication sites questioned the reason for the child’s resort to this difficult and arduous profession, praising his struggle and perseverance to work despite his young age.

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