The death of the artist, Mohamed Jibril, at the age of 76


The mighty artist, Mohamed Jibril, passed away a short while ago, at the age of 76, and the last work in which he participated was the Bab Al-Khalq series in 2012, starring the late star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.


“Mohamed Jibril” graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture and worked in cinema in the eighties and nineties, and presented many television series, and also worked in films produced by the television production sector and in some television plays. Among the most famous series in which he worked are the children’s series, Boji and Tamtam, “The Man and the Horse” 1982, “Muhammad the Messenger of God” 1984, “The White Raya” 1988, “Saken Qasadi” 1995 and “Bab Al-Khalq” 2012.


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