The first comment from Washington regarding the incident of ships in the Gulf


Intervals US State Department it’s pI am aware of reports of a maritime incident in the Gulf of Oman, adding, “We will continue to exchange information and coordinate with partners regarding the incident.”

Earlier in the day, three naval security sources said that Iranian-backed forces were believed to have seized an oil tanker in Gulf.

Two of the sources identified the ship as an asphalt and bitumen tanker called (Asphalt Princess) and flying the Panamanian flag, and that this happened in an area in the Arabian Sea leading to the Strait of Hormuz, through which flows about a fifth of the world’s seaborne oil exports.

It was the Ministry of Iranian Foreign Ministry It said earlier that reports of accidents involving several ships in the Gulf on Tuesday were “suspicious” and warned against any efforts to create a “false atmosphere” against the Iranian republic.

Tensions have risen in the region after last week’s attack on a tanker it operates Israel Off the coast of Oman, two crew members were killed, and the United States, Israel and Britain blamed it on Iran. Iran denied responsibility.

In an earlier warning notice based on a third-party source, Britain’s Maritime Trade Operations recommended that ships exercise extreme caution in the area.

The newspaper “The Times” reported that British sources believe that the ship “Asphalt Princess” was hijacked and that “work is underway assuming that Iranian army or his agents on board.

At least five ships on Tuesday afternoon updated their automatic identification system to indicate that they were “not under command”, according to ship-tracking data from Refinitiv. Such a situation usually indicates that the ship is unable to maneuver due to exceptional circumstances.

Tension has increased in the Gulf waters and between Iran andIsrael Since 2018, after former US President Donald withdrew Trump from the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers, and re-imposed sanctions that paralyze the Iranian economy.

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