The first picture of Nelly Karim with her new husband, and who is he?


The Egyptian actress, Nelly Karim, announced that she is living a new love story, and explained that she has not yet set a date for marriage.

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After Nelly announced her love story, her picture spread with her new boyfriend, Hisham Ashour, a squash player, and the older brother of international squash player Ramy Ashour.

The Egyptian journalist Khaled Sawaf published her photo with Hisham, which is the first official photo spread of the two of them together through social media.

Here we mention more details about Nelly’s previous marriages:

The first time..without the knowledge of the parents:

It was the first experience of Nelly’s marriage, when she was a 16-year-old, as she married without the knowledge of her mother, who was in charge of her at the time, according to her interview with the media, Raghida Shalhoub, saying: “I put her in front of the reality and she was smashed.”

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She gave birth to “Nelly” from her first husband, two sons, Karim and Youssef, but then separated from him.

Her marriage to Hani Abu al-Naga, 11 years old, “Naked”:

In 2004, Nelly announced her marriage to a nutrition expert, Hani Abul-Naga, a marriage that lasted for nearly 11 years, during which they had two children, Celia and Kinda, until we announced their separation in 2015, and the matter did not stop here until the two exchanged accusations indirectly.

Separation announcement:

The star, Nelly Karim, announced her divorce in an interview with the “ET Arabic” program, after she answered a question about the fact of her divorce from her husband, nutritionist Dr. Yes, I recently separated from the mother of the boys.. I wish her all success in her professional and personal life.. My consolation is that after an 11-year relationship 2004-2015, this relationship resulted in unprecedented successes in the work of the mother of children and my work .. which reflects the depth of this The relationship.. as for the question of some in light blood about a sentence said by the mother of the boys (I am free) .. the situation for me is different, I am in love and in a relationship with my daughters Celia and Kinda .. I thank the offers of engagement because I am in love with my daughters.

Nelly responded to this statement indirectly, after her success in her series “The Women’s Prison”, where the artist attributed her recent artistic successes to her marriage, which lasted for 11 years, saying: “The charge of grievance that I took was looking forward to the series.”

“Karim” added, during her meeting with the journalist, Raghida Shalhoub, on the “100 Questions” program broadcast on Al-Hayat TV: “All thanks to the 11 years that I spent because I knew how much we struggled in all the works that people talked about, because these things were old. You will see this credibility on the screen unless someone is truly suffering.” And about her continuation of a marriage that lasted for 11 years, she said that she continued in the hope that the situation would change and the situation would be fixed.

In 2018, the relationship between the two became tense, as “Hani” decided to accuse Nelly of their bad relationship, through his official account on the social networking site Facebook, and “Hani” wrote: “Oh, my city, there is only 5 years and I tolerated you and you have no time for your children and living your life … This is how I hold my tongue all the time…God will honor you.”

He added: “By God, if you understood my respect for ten years, I swear, I swear, I can work like you, and you won’t know how to believe yourself. Uncle, leave me alone.”

He explained: “How did you imagine that I was a respectable father that I picked you up, forgetting that you are a mother… Sorry, I know that you don’t remember… But again, my jewelry came out of me… Sorry, my friends, enough is enough.”

And he continued, “By God, as in a father, a monster in a mother… Take it away from me.”

It was supported by some that he was talking about the latter, but she did not comment on the matter.

The first picture of Nelly Karim with her new husband, and who is he?
Nelly Karim and her new husband


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