The handball team leads Germany 6/2 after 10 minutes


The Egyptian handball team led its German counterpart 6/2 after 10 minutes of the match currently being held in the quarter-finals of the handball competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Egyptian team succeeded in qualifying for the quarter-finals, occupying second place in the second group, and the hand team won 4 matches in the group stage against Portugal with a score of 37/31 in the first journey before losing to the world champion Denmark with a score of 32/27 in the second confrontations before achieving victory Japan beat Japan 33/29, then Sweden, “world runner-up” 27/22, and finally Bahrain at the end of the first round with a score of 30/20.

The list of the handball team in the Olympics includes: Karim Hendawy – Muhammad Essam Al-Tayyar – Muhammad Ali – Omar Al-Wakeel “Bakkar” – Yahya Al-Dara’ – Ali Zain – Hassan Walid Qaddah – Ahmed Hisham “Dodo” – Saif Al-Dara’ – Yahya Khaled – Ahmed Al-Ahmar – Mohamed Hisham Sanad – Ibrahim Al-Masry – Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem – Wissam Sami Nawar – Ahmed Adel.

Egypt participates in the Tokyo Olympics with a mission that is the largest in the history of Egyptian Olympic participation, as the number of players has reached 146, with 134 main, divided into 86 male and 48 female players, in addition to 12 reserves, according to the instructions of the International Olympic Committee.


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