The hottest in 5 years.. a study that reveals, by comparison, the reasons for the high


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Tuesday 03 August 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

The Meteorological Authority announced that it had conducted a study on the summer season of 2021 and compared it to five years ago.

The authority explained that the climatic study resulting from the database recorded from the stations of the General Meteorological Authority, in the various governorates of the Republic, during the first half of the summer season, it becomes clear that the summer of 2021 is the hottest and hottest compared to the past five years since 2017, when temperatures were recorded This year, it is higher than normal, with values ​​ranging from 3-4 degrees Celsius.

The first half of August is expected to be the hottest since the beginning of summer 2021 until now, with temperatures ranging between 34-36 degrees on the northern coasts, 40-42 degrees on Cairo and Lower Egypt, and 44-45 degrees in the south of the country. At the same time, high humidity increases the feeling of the weather.

The study indicated that many countries in the Middle East and southern Europe are facing a severe heat wave in which the temperature may exceed 45 degrees in some cities.

She explained that as of the second half of August, temperatures are expected to gradually return to normal rates throughout.

A comparison of the highest temperatures recorded in the shade is as follows:


Summer 2017 temperature 38-40, summer 2018 temperature 37-38, summer 2019 temperature 38-39, summer 2020 temperature 35-38, summer 2021 temperature 38-42°C.


Summer 2017 temperature 31-35, summer 2018 temperature 30-37, summer 2019 temperature 31-32, summer 2020 temperature 31-32, summer 2021 temperature 32-36°C.


Summer 2017 temperature 31-35, summer 2018 temperature 30-32, summer 2019 temperature 30-32, summer 2020 30-32, summer 2021 temperature 32-40 °C.

Sharm El-Shaikh:

Summer 2017 temperature 40-40, summer 2018 temperature 39-40, summer 2019 temperature 39-41, summer 2020 temperature 39-41, summer 2021 temperature 42-44°C.


Summer 2017 temp 40-40, summer 2018 temp 40-44, summer 2019 temp 40-41, summer 2020 temp 38-42, summer 2021 temp 40-44°C.

the shortest:

Summer 2017 42-45, Summer 2018 42-45, Summer 2019 42-43, Summer 2020 42-43, Summer 2021 42-45°C.

The study indicated that the reason for the rise in temperatures this year is due to climatic changes that affected the whole world, as international reports for the month of June 2021 indicate that some cities in Canada have recorded 50 degrees Celsius in the shade and in Kuwait the temperature has reached 54 degrees and in Iraq to 52 degrees Celsius.


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