The maximum is 45| Meteorology: a gradual rise in temperature and forecasts


01:09 PM

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Center for Weather Analysis and Forecasting at the Meteorological Authority, said that this week has witnessed stability in the weather and temperatures around normal rates, but from Thursday to next Sunday at least we are witnessing a gradual rise in temperature.

Shaheen added, in televised statements, that the temperature rise ranges between 2 to 3 degrees on the northern coasts to northern Upper Egypt, and reaches 5 degrees in southern Upper Egypt as a result of the influence of Indias seasonal depression; Where the temperature in southern Upper Egypt reaches 44 and 45 degrees.

Shaheen warned citizens in the southern region of the high temperature, advising to stay away from the sun’s rays, wear head protection and drink large amounts of water.

Shaheen continued: “The humidity exceeds 90% on the northern coasts, and 85% on Cairo and Lower Egypt, where the humidity increases the feeling of heat.”

Regarding the expectations of the upcoming winter season, the Director of the Analysis and Forecasting Center said that there is no correlation between the seasons and some of them, as there is a misconception and a link between high heat in summer and cold in winter, pointing out that each season is independent and has its own distributions of coverage, And that climate change has affected the world greatly.

He stressed that the autumn season is a transitional period between summer and winter, and then we move from the summer heat and extreme humidity to a decrease in temperatures and rainfall in the winter, pointing out that the winter season will be similar to last year.

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