The most prominent confrontations of Arab athletes today, Sunday, in the Tokyo Olympics, including the high jump


The competitions will start on Sunday (the ninth day) of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan, amid great Arab ambitions to win gold in several sports, most notably the high jump.

The following are the most prominent confrontations of Arab athletes on the ninth day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

Athletics (the mother of games):

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Men’s 100m race

Qatari sprinter Femi Ogunudi – semi-final race of the competition.

Men’s 400m Race

The Iraqi Taha Hussein Yassin, the Yemeni Ahmed Al Yaari, the Saudi Mazen Al-Yassin, the Sudanese Saddam Komi, the race competitions start at 5 am Mecca time.

Men’s 800m Race

Tunisian Abdel Salam Al-Ayouni, and the two Moroccans, Abdel-Ati Al-Ghaithi and Osama Nabil, the semi-final matches, and start at 14:25 Mecca time.

Men’s 400m hurdles

Algerian Abdelkader Laholo, Qatari Abdel Rahman Samba, the semi-finals at 15:25.

3000 hurdles – women

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The results of the eighth day of Olympic medals

Tunisian Marwa Bouziani and Bahraini Yonfried Motel Yaffe, the race competitions at 3:40 am.

High jump – men

Qatari Moataz Barshim, the final round at (13:10) Mecca time.

weapon duel

At exactly 4:45 am, the Egyptian national team will play a strong confrontation with France in the quarter-finals of the men’s fencing competition, where Egypt is represented by Mohamed Hassan, Mohamed Hamza, Youssef Sanaa and Alaa El-Din Abu Al-Qasim.

Body lifting

Lebanese Mahasin Fattouh, women’s 76-kg competition, at (7:50) in the morning.

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The results of the eighth day of Olympic medals

Wrestling – Women’s Round of 16

Egyptian Samar Amer faces Russian Natalia Vorobyova

Tunisian Zainab Sghir faces American Adeline Gray

Greco-Roman wrestling – round of 16 for men’s 130 kg weight class

Egyptian Abdel Latif Mohamed Ahmed faces Russian Sergey Semenov

Tunisian Amine Genishi faces Chilean Yasmane Acosta

Round of 16 for men’s 60 kg weight class

Egyptian Haitham Mahmoud Fahmy faces Russian Sergey Amelin

Algerian Abdelkrim Farajet faces Japan’s Kenichiro Fumita


Egypt will face Bahrain in the group stage matches of the tournament at 5 am.

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table tennis for women

Egypt women’s team – Romania, in the round of 16 of the tournament


Tunisia national team – Russia national team – in the group stage competitions

Beach Volleyball – Round of 16

The Qatari duo (Ahmed Tejan and Sherif Younes) – the US national team, at 7 am

Egypt men’s national team – China men’s team – in the round of 16 competitions.


The Tunisian team, composed of Rania Rahali and Mehdi Gharbi, will follow the Nakra 17 competitions in the opening series.

Source: agencies


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