“The one in my belly is not your son.” His wife’s killer reveals how he committed his crime against you


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Saturday 21 August 2021

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Today, Saturday, the investigations of the Burullus Police Station in Kafr El-Sheikh arrested an unemployed man accused of killing his wife.

The accused of killing his wife, in the Baltim resort in Kafr El-Sheikh, revealed the reasons for committing his crime in a residential unit in Al-Zahraa Beach.

And the investigations of the Burullus police station, in coordination with the investigations of the Sidi Salem police station, arrested the accused of killing his wife, after he fled after committing the incident.

It was found through the confessions of the accused, which he made to the detectives, that there have been problems between him and his wife during the recent period, and he intends to get rid of them in a place far from their place of residence in the village of Shakhlouba of the Sidi Salem Center.

In his confession, the accused explained that he decided to go to the Baltim Resort; To commit his act, he persuaded his wife to spend a picnic in the resort on Thursday and Friday, and before committing his crime, an argument occurred between them in front of their two children.

The accused confirmed that during the argument between them, his victim’s wife told him, “The one in my stomach is not your son.” After that, he did not feel himself until after he slashed her, and used a white weapon, a knife, and slashed her stomach with it until her bowels came out, and left the residential unit with the body of his wife and their two children inside. He contacted the real estate broker by phone, telling him that he had committed the murder of his wife.

The details came back when Major General Ashraf Salah, Director of Kafr El-Sheikh Security, received a notification from Brigadier General Hisham Al-Zafarani, the warden of the Burullus police station, stating that the police station had received a report from the so-called “Al-Saeed Mohamed Al-Saeed Atef Abdel-Latif,” 37 years old, a real estate broker, who resides in the Sheikh Mubarak village, which belongs to Baltim Center, with a dead body in one of its housing units at Al-Zahraa Beach in Baltim Resort.

The commissioner of the Burullus police station, accompanied by Major Amr Fathallah, head of the center’s investigations, and a force from the center, and the Baltim resort police station, and it was found that the corpse belonged to the so-called “Angham A.A.A.”, 18 years old, and her husband resided in the village of Al-Shakhlouba, which is affiliated with the police station. Sidi Salem, while the examination revealed that the body had a longitudinal wound across the abdomen, and the presence of strangulation marks.

By asking the broker, the author stated that he had received a phone call from the victim’s husband, Ahmed R.D.W., 29 years old, unemployed, and residing in the village of Al-Shakhlouba, affiliated to the Sidi Salem Center, in which he informed him that his wife had been killed in the residential unit he rented from him. In the Al-Zahra Beach area, and the presence of his two young children, in the same residential unit, and on his way to it, he discovered the body inside.

Major General Khaled Mohammadi, Director of Criminal Investigations, Kafr El-Sheikh Security Directorate, formed a criminal investigation team headed by Brigadier General Yasser Abdel Rahim, Head of the Directorate’s Investigations. It included Brigadier General Haitham Abdel Maqsoud, Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch in Hamoul, and Major Amr Fathallah, Head of Investigations of the Burullus Police Station, to find out The causes of the accident.

The body was transferred to the mortuary of Baltim Central Hospital, at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, in preparation for a decision on it.

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