Tokyo Olympics: Belarusian Olympian, Kristina Tsimanoskaya, refuses to return to her country


Kristina Tsimanskaya

picture released, Reuters

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Belarusian runner Kristina Tsimanoskaya was transferred to Tokyos Haneda Airport on Sunday

A Belarusian Olympic athlete has expressed fears for her safety after she was refused a flight home from the Tokyo Olympics after she publicly complained about her national team coaches.

The Belarusian runner, Kristina Tsimanoskaya, said she was forced to pack her luggage and taken to Tokyo airport against her will.

The 24-year-old says she sought police protection at the airport gate so that she would not board the plane back home.

Surrounded by the police, she was heard saying, “I think I’m safe. I’m with the police now.”


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