Video.. The killing of two brothers by a policeman angers the people of Qalyubia


Riots erupted in Qalyubia Governorate, northern Egypt, on Thursday, after two brothers were killed by a police officer during a quarrel over a traffic violation.

The incident began with a quarrel between two brothers and a police officer at the Nawa crossing in Shebin al-Qanater, which developed into a clash, after which the policeman fired several bullets, injuring the two victims and transporting them to the hospital in a critical condition, and there they breathed their last.

According to the investigations, it was also found that the quarrel occurred during the period of the work of the Police Secretary at the Noi train junction to regulate traffic, as he proceeded to issue a traffic violation for one of the passing cars. From writing the violation and taking his pen and the ticket, a quarrel erupted between them, after which the police chief had to shoot them, hitting one of them in the foot and the other in the stomach, and they were taken to the hospital, where they breathed their last.

The people gathered to kill the police officer, who hid in the observation room at the crossing until he was detained by the security forces, who moved to the scene of the accident.

In turn, the security services imposed a cordon around the site of the accident, and succeeded in dispersing the protesters, while the surveillance cameras were unloaded at the crossings to find out the causes of the accident and the truth of the incident.

For its part, the Public Prosecution authorized the burial of the two bodies in the graves of their families in the village of Nawa, and took over the investigation.

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