“Wafa committed suicide” .. Ahmed Al-Saadani is seriously injured, accompanied by his son .. The reason is serious! (photo)


The artist, actor Ahmed Al-Saadani, published a new photo of him, accompanied by his son, to share with his fans and followers their latest appearance, through his personal page on the social networking site for the exchange of photos and videos, the famous “Facebook”.

Ahmed Al-Saadani is seriously injured, accompanied by his son

Where Al-Saadani appeared, during the published photo, accompanied by his son, in which the duo appeared, who had a number of rather serious injuries, as they needed first aid.

Ahmed wrote a comment on the photo and wrote: “Even the dog that raised you, the son of a sorceress got stuck in it and bit me and my son. If they asked you about loyalty, they said fulfillment, you rebuked.”

Al-Saadani is undergoing physiotherapy

The artist, Ahmed Al-Saadani, announced that he had a serious injury in the gym, through his account on the social networking site, the famous “Instagram”, to share his fans and followers with his latest news.

Where the artist, Ahmed Saadani, confirmed, during the post he posted on Instagram, that he was injured in his shoulder and neck, and that he had undergone physiotherapy sessions.

Where “Al-Saadani” published a picture of his injury as a result of a wrong movement in the gym, and commented on it, saying: “The first time I started to get hot and go back to the gym, my shoulder and neck made me sit at home, in the spirit of doing physical therapy sessions, and the first thing I would be lighter, God willing, I will try to go down again to exercise, Because sports make a lot of difference in the psyche, this is in short life, ups and downs.”


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