We publish details of the murder of a girl inside an eye clinic in a famous mall in Kafr El-Dawwar


Khamis Al Borai

Posted on: Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – 6:19 PM | Last update: Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – 6:19 PM

The Public Prosecution at the Kafr El-Dawwar Police Department in the Beheira Governorate, headed by Counselor Ahmed Adel, Chief Prosecutor, and under the supervision of Counselor Mohamed El-Saeed Omar, Head of the General Prosecution Office of the North Damanhour Prosecution, decided to assign a forensic doctor to autopsy the body of the girl who was found murdered yesterday in mysterious circumstances inside an ophthalmologist’s clinic in Kafr El-Dawwar; To clarify the causes of death and the tool used in the incident, at the morgue of Damanhour Teaching Hospital.

As the Public Prosecution decided to authorize the burial of the body after that, assigning the detectives to investigate the incident and its circumstances and circumstances.

The initial forensic report stated that the death was caused by asphyxia asphyxiation, as the perpetrators used the scarves that the victim was wearing at the time of the accident.

The security services of the Beheira Security Directorate received a notification from the Kafr al-Dawwar Police Department’s warden, stating that the body of a girl had been found inside an ophthalmologist’s clinic in the city of Kafr al-Dawwar.

And the investigation officers of the Kafr El-Dawwar Police Department moved to the location of the incident, and by examining the body of a girl named “Najla.NA”, she worked in an eye clinic in the city of Kafr El-Dawwar, and she was residing in the village of Al-Qanshawi affiliated to the Kafr El-Dawwar Center.

Major General Ahmed Arafat, Assistant Minister of Interior for Beheira Security, directed the formation of a research team in conjunction with the Public Security Branch and Kafr al-Dawwar Investigations, to uncover the ambiguity and circumstances of the incident, and apprehend the perpetrators.

The investigations of the criminal investigation team headed by Major General Mohamed Shaarawy, director of the investigations, confirmed that the victim had a good reputation, and that the motive behind the crime was theft, as it was found that an amount of one thousand pounds was in the possession of the victim at the time of the accident, and the circumstances of the incident are being revealed, the perpetrators are arrested and the cameras in the surrounding area are reviewed. by accident.

And edited the necessary record of the incident for presentation to the Public Prosecution.

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