What is the difference?..the most prominent differences between the regular S Pen and the S Pen Pro


The regular S Pen came in 2011 when it was first launched, to be a tool to change the way smartphones are used, but this year the S Pen Pro was revealed, which came to suit large screens, and below we show the most prominent differences between the two styluses as follows:

the size:

The S Pen Pro came to be larger and thicker, as it is similar in size to the usual pens for writing, specifically luxury pens, so that you can feel the quality of the pen.

Connecting the pen:

The S Pen Pro relies on the Bluetooth connection mainly, and the use of Bluetooth allows more features of the pen, and it can be charged through the supplied USB C port, and the pen comes with a 0.7-thick head and more than 4000 pressure points.

– price:

The price varies between the two styluses, as the regular S Pen model comes at about $50, and the price of the professional model rises to $ 100, as professional painters prefer to deal with the usual pens, so the S Pen Pro suits them more, while the S Pen comes for lovers Simply record notes and write on their phone screens


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