When is a smartphone harmful to health?


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When is a smartphone harmful to health?


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The Russian psychologist, Sergei Klochnikov, announced that excessive passion for smartphone and computer games is not only harmful to health, but also negatively affects personal behavior.

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the scientist explained that these games stimulate the excitation processes in the central nervous system. So it becomes difficult for a person to leave the game, which may last longer than the person expected.

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He adds, even after turning off the device, as a rule, the person continues to think about the game, which prevents him from sleeping for a long time.

He says, “After this operation, the person feels excessive excitement and lies on the bed, and the images that he saw on the screen of the smartphone or computer appear before his eyes. That is, psychologically, it is difficult for him to leave the game.”

He adds, and as a result, the person does not get enough sleep, and when this situation is repeated, the lack of sleep begins to affect his personal behavior.

He says, “If a person does not sleep enough, they feel lethargic, and this is reflected in their relationships, work and health. Night vigils as a result of using a smartphone or computer ‘slow down’ our life, progress and achievement of our goals.”

And the psychologist adds, that chronic lack of sleep forms a superficial neurosis for a person, characterized by emotional extremism, hysteria and a tendency to feel that everything is negative.

Source: RIA Novosti


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