Why does Eastern Tobacco print the prices of cigarettes on the packages?


01:56 PM

Thursday 12 August 2021

I wrote – Shaima Hefzy:

The Eastern Tobacco Company is preparing to print the price of local cigarettes on packages, during the first half of next month.

Hani Aman, CEO of the Eastern Tobacco Company, told Masrawy that the decision to add the price of a pack of cigarettes to the package is related to the popular, best-selling cigarettes in the market, which are the “Cleopatra” brands.

During the last fiscal year, 2020-2021, the company sold about 67 billion cigarettes, of local cigarettes, which it produces under the Cleopatra, Mondial and Belmont brands, but Cleopatras products represent the largest share of sales.

The decision will not include LM or Marlboro cigarette products; Because they are not the company’s products, but they are made for foreign companies, Aman said.

Aman explained that the company wants the products to reach the consumer at the original price without an unjustified increase, especially since the company has monitored that the products have a high value that makes the market raise the price of packages while the consumer accepts this increase.

“Sometimes the consumer imagines that the company raised its prices at certain times of the year, and this is not true, but the public accepts this increase imposed by the market, so we tell the consumer that this is the basic price by printing the price on the package,” according to Aman.

The company detected a big difference between the final selling price of its products and the actual market selling prices acceptable to consumers, according to the CEO.

The head of the company indicated that the packages that include pricing are currently being printed, and they are scheduled to be pumped into the market during the first half of September.

Ibrahim Imbabi, head of the Tobacco Division at the Federation of Industries, had demanded, in previous statements to Masrawy, the need to find a mechanism to reduce the difference and waste between official cigarette prices and their market prices.

He pointed out that the production of cigarettes amounts to 4 billion packs of cigarettes annually, and for every pound in excess of the package price, earned by non-company, the state loses 4 billion pounds.

He explained that a pack of Cleopatra cigarettes had an official price of 17.5 pounds, sold to the consumer at 20 pounds, even after the company recently raised prices at one pound, it is still sold at more than the official price.

The government aims to collect a tax on cigarettes and tobacco worth 79.1 billion pounds during the new fiscal year 2021-2022, compared to 74.6 billion pounds targeted during the fiscal year ending last June.

According to the prices announced by the company, in mid-July, after applying the prescribed increase in accordance with the health insurance law, the prices that will be printed on cigarette packages will be as follows:

Cleopatra black 24 pounds.

Mondial (red – blue – silver) 21 pounds.

Mondial Switch (Mentoli – Blueberry) 24 pounds.

Box of 10 cigarettes 11 pounds.

Boston 18.50 pounds.

Belmont 18.5. fairy.

Cleopatra king size 17.50 pounds.

Cleopatra Soft Queen 18 pounds.

Cleopatra box (white-colour) 19 pounds.

Cleopatra Super 20 pounds.


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