Why does public taste turn to festival songs and “thug” films?


08:00 pm

Thursday 12 August 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

Festival songs, as well as films called “thug films”, have been very popular at the level of different classes in the Egyptian street, and social media has contributed to this, for the ease of producing a song and putting it out without any costs, which shows that public taste has turned towards that quality despite what it offers. of immoral words and signals.

In the following, “Masrawy” reviews, through experts in psychology and relationships, the reasons for the trend of public taste towards popular festival songs and films of bullying among the different classes of society, and ways to save society from this decline.

In this context, Dr. Jamal Frouez, a consultant psychiatrist, says that bullying films and festival songs are the public taste, which is a societal behavior all over the world, pointing out that young people began imitating the West since the seventies, so the disadvantages began to appear easily, without preserving our eastern identity. Especially since the generation of social networking sites has absolute freedom that it exploits wrongly, expecting that the next will be worse and that no one can control it.

Fruiz explained in a statement to “Masrawy”, that Egyptian society has been witnessing a state of cultural decline for many years past, after the setback of 1967, songs similar to these popular festivals appeared, such as “Chat Qaly”, but the Egyptian people rejected them and preserved the entity of the Egyptian personality after the glorious October victory. .

He pointed out that after the October victory and the alleged economic openness, as well as the incursion of the Salafist group, ideas appeared completely contrary to the Egyptian ideas, and spread a false image of Muslims and Islam, and the result was the society’s loss of many of its customs, traditions, values ​​and principles that it lived and raised on thousands of years ago, so the religious collapse began and ethical.

He stressed that festival owners are polluting the lyrical heritage and music, and cloning a new culture and identity for Egyptians that they have not witnessed before, pointing out that many films and series are currently running at the same pace as popular festivals, which aim at cultural decline in order to completely destroy the Egyptian identity.

He asserts that the elimination of this phenomenon is through decisive superior decisions, stressing that otherwise there was no result.

While Dr. Eman Abdullah, a consultant for marital and family relations, believes that festival songs and bullying films convey a vivid image that is imitated in its entirety, between physical movements and clothes, not just words that are chanted.

In a statement to “Masrawy”, she denounced the transfer of festival songs to university concerts, which increases their spread significantly, pointing out that universities are sacred places for students, and direct them towards what is allowed or rejected, so those parties must be canceled permanently.

She stated that most families used to distract children by following social media and drama, so they became trapped in those festivals and bullying films, noting the need to withdraw all of this from them or gradually reduce viewings, provided that another alternative is presented, addressing their minds in a higher way, such as enthusiastic songs, for example.

Abdullah called on mothers to be aware of the right choice of what their children watch, to correct them when they watch such kind of festival songs or bullying films, and to assure them that they cannot be watched again, before they repeat it.

She also stressed the need for the state to return to the production of cartoon films and children’s theater to find a high-end material for children’s education, pointing out that art is the mirror of society and now it reflects that society is a thug.


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