Withdrawing the “honorary doctorate” from Muhammad Ramadan


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The “International German Cultural Center” in Lebanon decided to withdraw the “honorary doctorate”, which it had awarded to the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan.

The center said in a statement issued on Friday: “We never knew anything about the unfortunate incident of the late Egyptian pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, which we condemn and denounce, and therefore the doctorate was withdrawn from Muhammad Ramadan.”

In its statement, the center denounced what it described as “the actions of Muhammad Ramadan, and the meeting and filming that he collected with a Zionist singer and representative,” saying: “Therefore, the board of directors of the German International Cultural Center took a decision to withdraw honorary certificates, with the utmost respect for everyone who drew our attention to this.”

Last Thursday, Muhammad Ramadan announced that he had obtained an “honorary doctorate” and the title of “Arab Youth Ambassador” from the “German Cultural Center” in Lebanon.

And Mohamed Ramadan wrote on his Facebook page: “Thank you, His Excellency the Lebanese Minister of Culture, the President of the Syndicate of Musicians and the Syndicate of Lebanese Actors, for granting me an honorary doctorate in acting and singing performance.”

What Ramadan wrote caused an uproar and controversy on social media platforms, as artistic and cultural bodies in Lebanon repudiated from awarding Ramadan what he described as an “honorary doctorate”.

The Lebanese Minister of Culture, Abbas Mortada, said in a television interview that “the ministry did not interfere in selecting the honorees and does not know the criteria on which the award committee selects the honorees.”

Meanwhile, the German embassy in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, said that the “German Cultural Center” in Lebanon is not affiliated with the German government “at all”.

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