Zamalek: We adhered to the utmost restraint, and everyone will see


Zamalek Club announces that based on its national and moral constants, it has adhered to the utmost restraint, and has always shown full cooperation in preserving the values ​​of sportsmanship, and this was evident in many situations that witnessed direct and indirect abuses from others, and a violation of what should prevail in the sports community. of lofty concepts.

However, some of those who assume the position of responsibility in the sports community seem to have not understood the message, so they went unconsciously and recklessly, creating crises, provoking disputes, and inciting sedition with a short look that lacks wisdom and insight, targeting personal goals that are far from the public interest, and to those who have been deceived by the dream. Openness of heart and good character, we say that whoever commits foolishness and whoever supports it in any way, even if by silence and turning a blind eye to it, all of them are equally sinful.

We have dealt with what we deserve of the nobility of the end and the honor of the means. If that does not please you or you do not appreciate it, do you want an hour to come when we will follow with you another approach that we are not accustomed to, but it seems to you that it is more effective for you?

The Zamalek club refuses to slip into the language of the common folk and the market, where bickering and bickering with inappropriate phrases and fabricating fake battles, in which the voice becomes loud to make its owner appear victorious.

We call on all parties to understand and appreciate our language, so that none of them intends to distort the facts, mislead the masses, stir their emotions, and tickle their feelings in order to unjustly bully them in the face of others. do those.

We call on everyone to immediately rise to the level of responsibility and for each party to carry out its duties without deception or evasion.

Zamalek Club confirms that, with its unconditional adherence to its principles, it will not hesitate to defend its rights, and the rights of its children and fans everywhere.

In this context, the club affirms its full support and appreciation to all the media professionals who support it with truth and objectivity, and its rejection of all intimidation attempts aimed at dissuading them from performing their media message.

It also rejects in the strongest terms any attempt to offend any of its children or affiliates, regardless of their capacity or position.

The club will take all means in this regard.

May the Zamalek club, with its management, members and conscious fans, remain a home and a fortress for all.


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