Zamalek: We are committed to completing the cup…or crowning us with its title in the event of a…


11:28 PM

Sunday 29 August 2021

Books – Ahmed Sherif:

Hussein Labib, head of the Zamalek Management Committee, confirmed his club’s adherence to completing the Egypt Cup competition, which is proposed to complete its matches before the start of the new season of the Egyptian League.

Labib indicated, in statements to Ontime Sports, that if the Egyptian Football Association wanted to cancel the cup, its title should be awarded to Zamalek.

Labib said: “We are definitely committed to completing the cup championship. Zamalek reached the semi-finals and played matches amid the pressure of the league matches.”

He continued, “Most of the clubs that attended the Football Association meeting are committed to completing it.”

He concluded: “If there is an intention to cancel the Egypt Cup, let the Zamalek club crown the title, because we have reached the semi-finals, and if the title is not awarded to us in this case, it will be a great injustice to us.”


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