18 Reasons You Might Be Taking Vitamin Supplements!


Symptoms of a vitamin deficiency can be difficult to identify, but leaving them untreated can lead to serious complications.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is all we need to stay healthy, according to the British Nutrition Foundation. However, certain groups of people have malabsorption, which means they cannot absorb and benefit from these vitamins and minerals. Many people are at risk of developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies for a variety of health-related reasons, and access and cost are barriers to a healthy diet.

Express spoke with Dr. Deborah Lee, of Dr. Fox’s online pharmacy, to find out if you should take the supplements.

And if you want to start taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, Dr. Lee stresses the importance of reporting any side effects to your GP.

Here are the 18 reasons that may motivate you to start taking multivitamin tablets:

• Obesity.

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• Pregnancy and lactation.

• Getting old.

• Celiac disease.

• Lactose intolerance.

• Fructose intolerance.

• Cow’s milk protein allergy.

• Soy allergy.

• Injury to the digestive system.

• Pancreatic diseases – chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis and pancreatic cancer.

• malabsorption of bile acid.

• Resection of the intestine.

• Crohn’s disease.

• Hyperthyroidism.

• Anorexia nervosa.

• Bulimia.

• Some anti-obesity drugs.

• Bariatric surgery.

Source: Express


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