3 foreigners caused crises to Al-Ahly during their departure before the Nigerian Ajayi


Al-Ahly club officials continue negotiations with the Nigerian Junior Ajayi, the team player, to resolve the issue of rescinding his contract, after he was placed on the waiting list after not reaching a final decision regarding the player’s future before closing the summer registration door..

A source in Al-Ahly Club revealed that the Nigerian Junior Ajay prefers external offers over the Egyptian League, and the source said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “Junior Ajay is still waiting for offers from patrols in which the registration door has not been closed, and if he does not receive foreign offers, he will remain in the league.” Egyptian“.

The source added, “Ajay has offers from Pharco, Future and Pyramids, but he puts them in second place after foreign offers.”

The Nigerian Junior Ajayi was preceded by 3 foreigners who caused crises during their departure, which we review in the following report.


Angolan star Geraldo da Costa refused to leave Al-Ahly club after contracting with Congolese Walter Bwalya, to put Al-Ahly on the waiting list, after he initially refused to terminate his contract by mutual consent with the club.

Amir Tawfiq, Director of Contracts at Al-Ahly Club, entered into several negotiations with the player to terminate the contract by mutual consent, but the player insisted on getting his dues, so that the two parties reached an agreement to terminate the player’s contract and settle all private financial matters.

Hendrik Helmke

The Brazilian Hendrik Helmke is considered the most player who caused crises to Al-Ahly after his departure after holding on to obtaining his full dues and rejecting all negotiations with Al-Ahly, and he escalated the crisis to the International Sports Court and received a ruling to fine Al-Ahly approximately 950 thousand dollars for the termination of the contract between the two parties by Al-Ahly Just.

Hendrik joined Al-Ahly in the winter transfer period for the season (2014-2015), but it only lasted six months before he left for free after the Red Club dispensed with his services.

Peter Ibe

On Hendrik’s way, the Nigerian Peter Ibe became the former striker of the team, who demanded his dues for the entire contract period of 3 and a half years, estimated at 636,000 dollars, which Al-Ahly refused, so that the player filed a complaint with the International Federation FIFA..

But Al-Ahly officials were forced to end the Nigerian crisis after paying $280,000 to the player after the friendly agreement, which was made between the two parties in the presence of Nasr Azzam, the player’s lawyer, and with the blessing of Khaled Mahdi, the director of football in the military production, for whom Ibe played after leaving Al-Ahly.


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