3 lines .. the government announces the tracks of the fast electric train


10:17 AM

Wednesday 01 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

A statement issued by the government said, on Wednesday, that the high-speed electric train track will link the city of Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea coast, then the track will extend east of the Nile to Helwan station, passing through the Administrative Capital and Mohamed Naguib, and continue west of the Nile from the South Giza station to integrate with the railway line. Upper Egypt to the October area to serve the residents of October Gardens and 6th of October and to integrate with the second line of the express train (October – Aswan) and the 6th of October monorail that is being implemented, then continues to Sadat City to serve the industrial zone, then Wadi Al-Natroun and Nubaria; To serve the transportation of agricultural products, all the way to Burj Al Arab, and then extends on the north coast east to Al-Amiriya to Alexandria, where the port of Alexandria is considered the most important port of the Republic on the Mediterranean coast, and then west to serve the tourist areas of Al-Hammam, Al-Alamein, Sidi Abd Al-Rahman, Al-Dabaa and Ras Al-Hikma until Matrouh.

It is worth noting that the network of environmentally friendly rapid electric trains, which will be established in Egypt, will constitute a major qualitative leap in the field of transportation. It consists of three integrated lines with a total length of 1825 km; Where the first line extends from Ain Sukhna to New Alamein, then Matrouh, with a length of 660 km, and the second line extends from October station and extends west of the Western Upper Egypt Desert Road to Aswan with a length of 925 km, where it will be integrated with the Sixth of October Monorail, while the third line extends from Qena Station and then Luxor and continues eastward until Hurghada, then to Safaga port, with a length of about 240 km.

For his part, Roland Bosch, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said: “Siemens Transport Systems is proud to support the ambitions and efforts of the Egyptian government to develop the transport sector in the country, by establishing the first system of electric high-speed trains in Egypt, stressing that this strategic project will create many It will create jobs, support economic growth and improve the quality of life for millions of Egyptians by providing an efficient, safe and advanced transportation system.”

He added, “As one of Egypt’s long-standing partners in success, Siemens is committed to providing the latest smart technology solutions and continuous support to build and refine local skills and cadres within the framework of this project.”​

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