45 Minutes in Hell.. The championship of 40 firefighters under the flames of a property


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Monday 06 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

The time-setting indicators were pointing to ten in the morning on Monday, calmness applied to the headquarters of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, located in the Bain al-Sarayat area. It was only the calm before the storm.

A few moments were enough to turn the scene 180 degrees. An alarm sounded, announcing raising the state of alert within the corridors of the vital administration. Everyone scrambled to their place, ushering in a new challenge and a race against time to save lives and property.

A report was received to the Operations Room from the Emergency Police about a fire in property No. 14 on Wadi El-Nile Street in the Mohandessin area, Agouza Police Department.

Major General Jaber Bahaa, Director of the General Department of Civil Protection in Giza, headed to the scene of the fire, at the head of a force that included 7 firefighting vehicles supported by 3 strategic water tanks (8, 15, 35 tons), in addition to a hydraulic ladder.

As soon as the Civil Defense forces arrived, the officers conducted a quick inspection of the scene. The property is 10 floors, and the fire broke out in a sixth-floor apartment of an art production and advertising company based.

Immediately, the electricity and gas were disconnected from the property in coordination with the concerned authorities; In order to ensure the safety of the residents of the property and the region alike.

From the first moment, the Director of Civil Protection and his assistants reassured the residents of the property. Quick instructions for them to go up to the surface for fear of being harmed by the thick, rising smoke.

As the water cannons started, one of the attendees told the civil defense men the unpleasant news “in 4 employees who are detained inside the company.

A tight and quick plan adopted by the commander of the forces to control the fire and prevent its spread to the neighboring housing units.

The plan focused on trapping the fire by climbing the firefighters and rescuers of the internal staircase to the apartment in question – which consists of 12 rooms – as well as confronting the fire from the outside using the hydraulic ladder.

45 minutes of combat action 3 employees survived in good condition with one of them being given a respirator from the moment he was taken out of the apartment until the ambulance below.

Little by little, the civil protection forces tightened their grip on the scene. Calm returned to the upscale neighborhood. Everyone caught their breath as the flames subsided, the three employees rescued and one resident stuck on the rooftop.

In conjunction with the implementation of the cooling process to prevent the fire from recurring, the firefighters discovered the death of an employee of the company; due to suffocation. His body was found intact, to confirm one of his colleagues, “He was sleeping on his desk.”

By asking the owner of the company and one of the employees, they reported that the fire had occurred as a result of an electrical short circuit, and no one was accused or suspected of a criminal offense in the accident.

A wave of applause dominated the scene, words of thanks and praise poured out from the people and the attendance of the firefighters in appreciation of the effort and their success in saving the lives of dozens, not just the police staff, while the director of civil protection turned to his assistants and men, saying, “God enlightens, men.. Always heroes in the future.” “.

A surprise that attracted the attention of many when they discovered the residence of the artist Mervat Amin in the same property, specifically on the fourth floor, but she was not harmed.

The great artist said in a special statement to Masrawy: “I am fine, thank God, I did not leave the building at the time of the fire.”

In front of the property, everyone stood dumbfounded at the completely charred company. One of the shop owners points to the facade of the upper floors that were damaged by smoke, “Praise be to God, our Lord will cover.. the speed of the firefighter’s arrival saved us from a disaster.”

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