48 hours of rain in these areas.. Meteorology announces weather details


04:37 PM

Monday 20 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Meteorological Authority announced the details of the weather during the period from tomorrow, Tuesday, until next Sunday.

The authority said, in a statement, that hot, humid weather prevails during the day in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, hot and humid on the northern coasts, very hot on southern Sinai and the south of the country, moderately hot at night in all parts.

As of Thursday, September 24, temperatures will drop in all parts by values ​​ranging from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.

The dense water mist spreads in the morning on highways and close to water bodies to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, the Canal cities, Zuid Sinai.

Low clouds appear in the early morning on areas of the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and Cairo, which helps to soften the weather in the morning.

Winds are active in some areas at intermittent periods, which reduces the feeling of high humidity.

Thursday weather

Chances of light rain in the evening on separate areas of the western coasts at intermittent intervals by about 20%.


Light rain on scattered areas of the northern coasts and northern delta at intermittent intervals, approximately 30%.

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