7 economic events that define the features of the gold price movement today, Wednesday


Market awaits gold The global 7 economic events today, Wednesday, will contribute to drawing the trends of the global market for gold in the coming hours, especially after the decline, then the rise, and clear fluctuation during yesterday’s trading.

Today, Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the market awaits the announcement of Chinese retail sales, the consumer price index in the United Kingdom, the consumer price index in Canada, the manufacturing index in New York state, industrial production in the United States, US crude oil inventories and the gross domestic product in New Zealand.

Gold prices today, 18 karat record 672 pounds, 24 karat record 897 pounds, 21 karat record 785 pounds, the gold pound 6280 pounds, an ounce of gold 1803 dollars.

And gold prices rose yesterday evening, Tuesday, to levels exceeding $1800 on the global stock exchange, which was reflected in the price of gold in Egypt.


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