A heavy-caliber surprise… What did the doctor of the “prostrating to the dog” incident say to the prosecution?


Exciting surprises of high caliber included in a paper file The case that was circulated in the media as “Prostrating to the Dog”Amr Khairy, head of the orthopedic departments at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, and another doctor and assistant to them, are being tried, on the grounds of accusing them of bullying nurse Adel Salem, assaulting him and forcing him to prostrate to a dog, and defaming him on the Internet, for which a decision was issued. From the Economic Court, the postponement of the current September 25 session for the announcement and photocopying of documents.

The Public Prosecution’s investigations in the case stated that the accused doctor, 60 years old, bullied the victim, Adel Salem, with others, by taking advantage of his authority over him, as he was an assistant to him in the medical department at his place of work. And they filmed the incident using a mobile phone, as well as displaying force and threatening violence and threats against the victim, Adel Salem, with the intent of intimidating and intimidating him and causing material and moral harm to him, and this act would cause terror in the soul of the victim and disturb his security and tranquility, as well as the detention of the victim, Adel Salem. , without ordering one of the competent rulers to do so, and in cases other than those in which laws, regulations and detention authorize, according to what was reported by the “Seventh Day” website.

They addressed him with several phrases that would offend his honor and consideration, according to the investigations, as well as the attack on family principles in Egyptian society and the violation of the sanctity of private life by publishing the video clip of the incident on social media, without the consent of the victim, Adel Salem, as well as creating a special account. On the international information network, which represents committing a crime, as well as doing an act that would cause discrimination between a group of people because of religion and belief, and this resulted in disturbing public peace, as well as possession of a white weapon – a wooden stick – in gathering places, but the doctor denied all the accusations leveled against him.

The details of the investigations began with Dr. Amr Khairy, professor of orthopedic surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, by asking the following question:

* What do you say about the accusations that are attributed to you that we mentioned to you in the issuance of the report?

** This is what happened

* What are the details of what happened then?

** What happened is that I work as a doctor at Nozha International Hospital, and I have a nurse named “Adel” who has been working with me in a grocery store for more than 23 years, and by virtue of the ten who did not take each other, I kept treating him like a friend, and we used to say that after a hard day’s work we joke and joke with We eat together, and we pray with each other and he used to bring me home sometimes, and one time he saw my dog ​​and sat playing with him, and when my dog ​​died I grieved for him, and when “Adel” saw me sad, he said you are sad why? I replied and told him because the dog died, and he started joking with me and joking about my sadness for the dog.

And he continued: “One time he was with me in the office and “Adel” sat joking with me and said you are still sad for the dog, and there was a secretary in the clinic named “Amr Refaat”, and Dr. “Musad Gamal El-Din”, and we sat joking with “Adel” and we let him play It is not the first time that I was filming a video while he was playing sports, and after that I was surprised that this video spread on social media, and people started attacking me after the spread of this video, and because of it, I was arrested today at dawn and came to the prosecution, and that is all that happened.

It is noteworthy that the Economic Court decided, on Saturday, to postpone the trial of Dr. Amr Khairy and two others on charges of bullying a nurse, and asking him to prostrate to a dog in a clinic in a private hospital in Cairo, to the September 25 session for advertising and photocopying.

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