A heinous crime that shook Egypt.. a butcher slaughtered his wife in the street from the neck to the end of the stomach


A heinous crime witnessed in Fayoum governorate, where a butcher killed his wife and cut her in half on the main road in the Senoures Center.

A woman killed in a public square

In the details, the Fayoum Security Director received a notification stating that a butcher’s wife had been killed in one of the public squares, slaughtered from the neck to the end of the abdomen.

stabs and slaughter

And the security services moved to the scene of the accident, and it was found that the woman was killed by her husband, who surrendered to the security services, with the security services monitoring the condition of his wife’s body, which received many stab wounds from the chest to the end of the abdomen, and the ambulance transported the body to the morgue at Senouras Central Hospital.

family quarrels

Investigations indicated that the cause of the butcher’s killing of his wife was the result of a violent quarrel between the spouses, due to the husband’s use of narcotics, which prompted his wife to leave the marital home and move to her father’s house, and after they quarreled again and asked for a divorce from him, he followed her to one of the squares And he stabbed her several times and slaughtered her until she breathed her last, as the butcher threatened everyone who tried to intervene to save his wife.

The security services prepared a report on the incident, and presented the case to the Public Prosecution to carry out investigations. The Public Prosecution decided to autopsy the body to write a detailed report on the causes of death. Several eyewitnesses indicated that the butcher turned himself in after committing the crime, confessed to the details of the crime, and confirmed that his wife was constantly arguing with him.

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