A horrific crime in October – the thief stabbed a pregnant woman and killed her fetus


The security services in Giza, under the supervision of Major General Medhat Fares, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigation, managed to arrest a worker at Mall of Arabia, who attacked a pregnant woman in the ninth month inside her house with the intention of stealing, and stabbed her that caused the death of her fetus inside her stomach and fled, before she was able to run away. The police arrested him.

Report to the police

Brigadier Amr Al-Borai, head of the October sector, received a report from Zayed Specialized Hospital, that a 29-year-old housewife with a Bachelor of Communications arrived, who was pregnant in the ninth month, with several penetrating stab wounds to the sides, abdomen and hand, and the fetus died inside.

Investigations carried out by Colonel Fawzi Amer, the detective inspector, indicated that the victim was surprised by the suspect inside the apartment located on the ground floor, and when she tried to call the neighbors for help, he stabbed her and ran away.

The accused is a worker at Mall of Arabia

Investigations revealed that the perpetrator of the incident was a cleaner at Mall of Arabia, and a renter of an apartment in the same property on the ground floor. Lt. Col. Hani Imad, Head of Investigations of the October Third Division, was able to arrest him, and he confessed to committing the incident with the intention of stealing and entering the apartment by climbing from the balcony.


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