A horrific crime rocks Upper Egypt for a driver who kills his niece for a very strange reason


A heinous crime witnessed in Sohag governorate after a driver killed his niece, to offer her as an offering to the jinn to reach an ancient cemetery.

In the details, the security services in Sohag governorate received a report from a woman stating that her 10-year-old daughter, who is mentally and physically disabled, had disappeared, and no one was charged in the submitted report. After forming a research team to find the missing girl, the security forces searched to find out the places the girl frequented and heard the testimony of neighbors and relatives.

Investigations by the security services revealed that behind this incident is the girl’s uncle who works as a driver, as the girl’s uncle carried out excavations and excavations, to be able to extract artifacts from the cemetery, as one of the charlatans who works with him in the excavation process directed him that he would not be able to reach a place Effects only slaughtering a child in the place.

Kidnapped the girl to be sacrificed to the jinn

The driver carried out the instructions of the charlatan, his partner in the crime, and his wife helped him by taking advantage of the presence of the child’s father outside the village and the mother outside the house, and the presence of the girl alone in the house, so the girl’s uncle moved her from the house to his house with the help of his wife, and after informing the girl’s mother of her daughter’s disappearance, her uncle quickly decided to get rid of her in order to His case is not revealed, and he strangled the child until she died, and dug a deep hole in his house, to hide the child’s body.

With the search of the security services and the search of the house, the security services realized that the land of the house was uneven, which aroused the suspicion of the security services around them. By searching the house, the policemen discovered a hole with a dead body in it. When confronting the accused, he confessed to killing his niece, to slaughter her and to be able to open a place to extract traces. From this site, after informing the girl’s mother of her disappearance, he decided to get rid of the girl so that he would not be exposed with the help of his wife.

The security services issued a report on the incident, with the Public Prosecution taking over investigations into the case.

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