A horrific crime.. they kill their sister for allegedly defending honor


In the past hours, social media has been buzzing with a “horrific crime” that shook the capital, Sanaa, as members of a girl’s family brutally murdered her after she was accused of an “honour case”, according to local media.

In the details, “Ain Aden” website revealed that “the girl’s brothers, Shurooq Ahmed, with the participation of their cousin, killed the girl with their own hands in Sanaa, and then transferred her body to Dhamar Governorate, south of the capital.”

“Ain Aden” quoted informed sources as saying that “a young woman named Shorouk Ahmed was suffocated by her brothers and one of her cousins, on Saturday, in Sanaa.”

The sources explained that the reason for this crime is that “the aforementioned people killed their sister, claiming the honor case, without verifying the authenticity of the information and identifying the real reason behind the incident.”

Many of the pioneers of the communication sites condemned this incident, expressing their anger, as one of them claimed to be one of their neighbors said: “In a new horrific crime under the name of honor killings, the young woman, Shurooq Ahmed, was killed by suffocation by her brothers and one of her cousins ​​in Sana’a, and she was buried in my village.” Al Malha District, Al Hada District, Dhamar Governorate.

He continued: “I hope the Public Prosecution Office in Sanaa will move to arrest the killers and bring them to an urgent trial, given that the crime took place within its jurisdiction, and the exhumation of her body to be examined by a forensic doctor before decomposition… Everyone is requested to interact so that the punishment for those who killed Shurooq Ahmed is accomplished, to be an example to others.” .


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