A new decision from the catering regarding the exchange of goods and bread for the deprived wife


10:18 AM

Thursday 02 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Sources at the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade said that the disbursement of ration decisions and bread has begun to the (deprived) wife who is not restricted to the database of those entitled to supply support, and she submitted a request for an addition through the digital Egypt portal or the Egypt Support website, where the disbursement will take place from the beginning of this month.

The sources added, to Masrawy, that the ministry approved all requests that were submitted during the last period, and their number reached nearly 12,000 requests to add disadvantaged wives to the ration cards, as the distribution of food commodities and bread to them began.

The owners of the ration cards can request the service of adding the wife through (Egypt’s digital portal, or the Egypt Support website), or through the developed ration service centers.

The requests of ration card holders for adding a deprived wife (which are not registered on the database of those entitled to support in the ration system) are accepted, without being bound by any conditions or criteria related to the husband’s income.

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