A new privacy feature in Google Photos will be available to all Android users


Google has announced that the Locked Folder in Photos will soon arrive on all Android devices running version 6 and later. This feature allows users to hide selected photos and videos from the app’s main search network and “apps that access your device’s photos.”

Locked Folder in Photos was announced at Google I/O 2021 in June, then released exclusively on new Pixel phones, and Google has now confirmed that Locked Folder in Photos will arrive on devices running Android 6.0 and later, however. The tech giant has not revealed the exact date of when the feature will be released for all Android devices.

What is the feature of Google Photos Locked Folder?

As mentioned above, the feature allows users to hide photos and videos that they don’t want others to see in the app’s main network. It’s a passcode-protected space where specific photos can be saved separately.

Photos and videos added to the locked folder will not be backed up or shared, user can open these photos/videos from “Library”>”Utilities”>”Locked Folder” tab. When users are inside this safe space, they will not be able to take screenshots either, users can only perform two actions for such images, they can either delete them permanently or move them outside the locked folder.


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