A new treatment.. Tablets to prevent corona virus when mixing with infected people (video)


Solutions and ideas every day to confront the Corona virus that the world is facing in various ways, and the latest of these attempts is an oral drug that can protect against the Corona virus among people who have been exposed to patients with symptoms of the coronavirus.

Attempts started by the American company Pfizer in the last stages of clinical trials for tablets to protect against corona when mixing with infected people.

It belongs to the drug called Pfizer PF-07321332 To a class of drugs known as protease inhibitors, the drug will work by inhibiting an enzyme that the coronavirus uses to make copies of itself inside human cells.

Pharmaceutical companies in the United States and a number of countries are racing to develop anti-coronavirus tablets with all its modifications, and the chief scientific officer of Pfizer says if this treatment is successful, it can help stop the virus early before it has a chance.

Reproduction is widespread and potentially prevents symptomatic disease in those exposed and infection in others.

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