A real disaster..An archaeologist reveals shocking surprises about an auction to sell


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Saturday 18 September 2021

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Dr. Bassam Al-Shamma, the famous historian and Egyptologist, revealed a number of surprises about the presentation of a number of ancient Egyptian antiquities in an online auction.

Al-Shammaa said, in statements he made to “Masrawy”, today, Saturday, that we are facing a new episode of global shame that occurs from time to time, amid complete silence from the international and cultural institutions concerned; It is a real disaster that must be dealt with in a new and different way. Especially since in the past, public auctions were taking place on the ground, but now it is all hypothetical and more ambiguous, and we do not know who will take possession of the displayed artifacts; Even most of the famous monuments, such as the statue of “Sekhemka”, which was a turning point, we still do not know where it went or who bought it.

The famous historian and Egyptologist added: I must commend Dr. Shaaban Abdel-Gawad, and the work battalion of the Recovered Antiquities Department, which succeeded in the recent period in recovering many stolen antiquities in many countries of the world, and they made unimaginable efforts, and I hope that they will be honored. The employees of this administration were properly employed, and their latest blunder was the recovery of 114 important unregistered antiquities from France.

Al-Shamaa continued: I have come to the certainty of the existence of a global mafia to steal ancient Egyptian antiquities. with our traces; For example, this auction charges 9% of the last price for selling antiquities, which is a small price, and raises a number of question marks.

The famous Egyptologist and historian said, regarding the sarcophagus displayed in the auction: This coffin is 194 cm long, and its colors are bright and accurate, as if it were a decree today. It belongs to the third medieval era, and the Ptolemaic era is written on it, and its importance is due to the state of collapse that surrounds the Middle Ages; Especially since his drawings resemble the drawings of an ancient Egyptian child, and I see that suffering produces genius.

Al-Shamaa continued about the displayed mirror: It is made of bronze and a bone hand, 21 cm, belongs to the Middle Kingdom, its history dates back to more than 4,000 years, and its importance lies in that it dates back to the Middle Kingdom, its state of preservation is exquisite.

The famous historian and Egyptologist blew a large-caliber surprise about this mirror, saying: The auction has offered the pedigree of this unique piece, in bold, which means the map of the sale of the antiquity since its departure from Egypt until now, and according to what the site mentioned, it belongs to David Arn, Translated into Arabic by “Daoud Haroun”.

Al-Shamaa added: One of the most surprising things is that this mirror, with only 9 days remaining for the auction, was presented to her by bidder No. 1365, on September 14, and his bid value was only 55 euros, which is a great insult to the greatness of Egyptian civilization. Could it be This is arbitrary, at a time when the expert estimated it at 14,000 euros, and if we look at a number of important pieces in previous auctions that were sold for cheap sums; One piece of Tel el-Amarna is 199, which raises dozens of questions.

Al-Shamaa continued: The public sale of Egyptian antiquities during the day is a global conspiracy, amid deafening silence from UNESCO and international archaeological museums.

The famous historian and Egyptologist continued: The auction confirmed that if the buyer wanted the antiquity to travel to any country or transport it, he had to take care of the travel costs, meaning that the auction ensures the integrity of the legal procedures for owning the antiquity.

Al-Shammaa said about resolving this crisis: The time of soft velvet politics with these events is over, and Egypt must bare its teeth. Especially since the law does not protect prior to the 1970 agreement with UNESCO, so it is necessary to search for the origin of these auctions in all countries and communicate with the president, king or prime minister of the country hosting the auction, provided that all these auctions are stopped and our antiquities retrieved, otherwise all missions will be stopped The archaeological sites of this country in Egypt, and stopping all dealings between our museums and the museums of this country, which is a terrible pressure card, and they will not be able to stay away from the sands of Egypt.

Al-Shamaa added: Then we have to go to the International Court of Justice; It is an escalatory step that must be exploited at the appropriate time. I believe that the political leadership should adopt one sentence in the speeches of the United Nations General Assembly meetings; that “Egyptian antiquities will be replaced by Egyptian lands.” Therefore, Egypt should lead a global campaign to restore its antiquities, including the civilized world countries and the countries that looted their antiquities, most of which are Arab countries; Such as Iraq, India, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Palestine… and others, and we must take advantage of 2022 to launch this campaign; Because the eyes of the whole world will turn to Egypt, due to the passage of 200 years since the deciphering of the hieroglyphic talismans, and 100 years since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, and a huge global campaign must be launched in front of the Sphinx, and all concerned are invited to attend it; To stop auctions or on the Internet.

Dr. Shaaban Abdel Gawad, Director of the Department of Recovered Antiquities at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, confirmed during his speech to “Masrawy”, that the department is following up on all auction halls; Including the Katwicki Auctions Hall, which organizes this auction, and the necessary procedures are being taken with the Egyptian Embassy in France.

Abdel-Gawad added: If it is confirmed that some artifacts have been illegally taken out, the Attorney General’s office communicates with the competent authority in the foreign country, in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we are following around the clock the developments of the situation. To take the necessary stand

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