A Russian doctor explains how to overcome depression in the fall


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A Russian doctor explains how to overcome depression in the fall

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“Stress is under control”, declared Dr. Olga Kotova, psychiatrist, Vice President of the International Society, and that September brings with it depression.

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A study reveals a dangerous link between the surrounding environment and mental illness

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the specialist revealed the best way to improve the emotional state in the autumn, when the day shortens, the air temperature drops and it rains. These are all factors that negatively affect the emotional state and can cause the so-called autumn blues. And that the best way to overcome these factors and prevent depression, is good lighting.

“To avoid seasonal depressive disorder, that is, seasonal mood disorder, the lighting in the home should be good. The better the lighting at home and at work, the better the emotional state,” she says.

She adds, it is also important to get enough sleep in the fall. Therefore, factors that cause insomnia, such as sitting for long hours in the evening in front of a computer or other devices, should be excluded as much as possible.

She says, “The screens of these devices emit very bad blue light. Therefore, the time of use of the computer must be limited, because it negatively affects sleep.”

And she adds, if a person uses the computer all night, his sleep will become poor, which negatively affects his emotional state.

Source: RIA Novosti


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