A wave of mockery from the buttocks of Marwa Ratib, the prosthetics, and so the followers-liked them to the video


One of the pages on a social networking site published a video of the Syrian actress residing in the UAE ​Marwa salaryShe speaks in an accent close to the Lebanese dialect.
Marwa drew attention to her, especially with her artificial buttocks, and said in the clip: “Hey guys, how did you tell me who I am in this new dress, frankly, I didn’t know me today, may God protect my money.”
Most of the comments were mocking her buttocks, as some followers likened them to a watermelon and many others published composite pictures of her and placed a vase in the lower half of her body instead of her buttocks.
An indication that Marwa denied that she had undergone the body sculpting process, and revealed that she wears underwear with full sides to show curves and swelling in her buttocks, so she appeared with her natural body, and she shared a picture of her on her page in which she appeared in a tight orange dress that revealed the curves of her strange body, and she was shocked. Followers of her legs are very full from the hip area, and in a strange way, then she soon published a picture of her in a dress without the fillings, to show her body in its true form.


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